Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to the Old Country!

As a journalism major and history minor, I have a passion for both writing and historic conservation.  I also love to bake and am lucky to have grown up very close with both of my grandmothers. Thus, the creation The Old Country Blog! 

As a child, I heard family lore from my German grandmother (who married a tall, dark and handsome Lebanese man) about the old countries.  And, food was often a major plot point. Fables and cuisine are the essence of culture, and it is my goal to record my family's heritage.

Here, I want to preserve authentic recipes from my motherland and yours, by providing dishes and tales from across the globe! I am compiling recipes and stories from my family and friends to bring the Internet the most authentic ethnic dishes!

My Oma (German for grandmother) and her Lebanese husband on their wedding day, October 15, 1949.  My sister and her husband share this anniversary. 

If your grandma has a good story, or recipe, email me at

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