Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap & Marzipan Pigs

No big story this week, just an anecdote about pigs (with a tasty project) and few shots from this year’s Christmas celebration.

Happy Holidays!

My maltese Rasco (3) and my schnauzer Penny (15 in February) on Christmas Eve. 


The delicious Gluhwein (my dad made it this year).

Christmas Eve dinner: Beef Rouladen, Sauerkraut, Sauerbraten, German Potatoes, Blaukraut and veggies. 

This year's Christmas Day Schnecke. It just keeps growing every year!

A combo platter of tale and taste: Marzipan Pigs
A German delicacy that’s too cute to eat …

In Germany, a marzipan pig is a symbol of good luck in the New Year … It’s also pretty delicious.

For those of you unfamiliar with marzipan, it is a traditional European candy made from almond paste.  Though it is generally considered German, other countries hold the confection dear.  I first fell in love with marzipan coated in chocolate, but the treat is famous for being twisted into a myriad of shapes and colors.

I got a book for Christmas about how to shape the paste into flowers and figures.  In lieu of New Year, I will explain how to make a pig for good luck.

-       Plain marzipan for baking/decorating
-       Red food coloring
-       Sprinkles or chocolate

Flatten the marzipan and place a couple of droplets or red food coloring to dye the marzipan pink.
Knead the marzipan to spread the color, until pink throughout.  Do NOT overdue the coloring, or you’ll have a red pig!
Roll two cylindrical pieces. (These will eventually be the pig’s legs.)
Make a pear shape for the body. Try to create a plump belly. 
Wrap cylinder shapes near the top of the pear and at the base.
Create a pig head by making a ball with a conical shape protruding. Flatten the point into a nose.
Make triangle shapes for ears.
Use sprinkles or chocolate for the eyes.

Here is what my pig looked like ... A third grade crafts project: a little messy but still cute:

Here are what store bought pigs (Oma buys them every year) look like ... art:

Best of luck!

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