Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day & Pupcakes

The Day: Leap Day
Take a leap on this magical extra day!

According to Kenneth the Page in 30 Rock's Leap Day episode, “Every four years, you get a magical extra day.” The characters agree Leap Day is the day to do something you usually wouldn’t, or “take a leap.” For Jack, it means an extra day of business, for Tracy an extra day to use a Benihana gift card and a “slut off” for Liz and Jenna.

Kenneth the Page as Leap Day William, the scary Santa of Leap Day who lives in the Mariana Trench.

The humor throughout the episode resonated with me as I researched this blog.  There are several jokes about this tradition-less holiday actually having traditions: parades, parties, a holiday character named Leap Day William and a Jim Carrey movie airing all day on USA. 

Liz is surprised by all of the customs she never heard of — I, however, was not as fruitful in my findings.  Though, one Irish legend really stood out.  On Leap Day, there is an old custom of Sadie Hawkins proposals. Back in the day, not only did women propose on Leap Day, but men had to say “yes.” (Though, I found no evidence to this, I can only guess this solved several paternity disputes.) A couple years back, the film Leap Year, starring Amy Adams, was based on this idea. 

I also have a couple of funny Leap Day tales in my family. A female relative of mine who will remain nameless apparently went into labor on Leap Day and didn’t want her child to only have a birthday every four years.  As this familytale goes, she willed herself into giving birth the next day.  In the end, she delivered a healthy March 1st baby. The other tail involves my dog Rasco. 

My maltese will be a puppy forever.  He was born February 29, 2008.  So, today is his first birthday. 

Rasco & me.
*Oddly enough, all of my dogs were born on February holidays.  Boo Boo (my first dog who lived to age 16) had a Valentine’s birthday, my schnauzer Penny turned 15 on Groundhog’s Day and today Rasco turns one.

The Dish: Pupcakes
This week my blog is going to the dogs …

To celebrate the occasion, I made my leap dog pupcakes …

Peanut butter frosted pupcakes. A puppy-safe, homemade treat. 

-       1 box cornbread mix (need milk and 1 egg with mix)
-       Dog treats of your choice (you can substitute with dog food if Fido’s on a diet)
-       Peanut Butter
-       Ball Sprinkles without chocolate!
Mix cornbread package as directed.
Add crushed dog treats to the mixture.
Pour into cupcake pan.
Bake as directed.
Frost pupcakes with peanut butter.
Decorate.  I used a tiny amount of ball sprinkles (make sure topping does not contain chocolate or macadamia nuts!) but you can use a treat or milk bone topper.
… Looking at the photos below, you can see pupcakes were a big hit with the birthday boy and Penny, my dog since first grade (I am now a senior in college).

Rasco sniffing out his first piece.
Penny ate hers in one bite ...

... and then licked the floor clean.
Rasco, weighing in at 10 pounds, ate his in a much daintier fashion. 

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  1. Thank you Caroline for posting this recipe and for sharing a "pupcake" with Charlie! He has never looked so excited to eat anything!!! We decided that it would also be his birthday that day since we don't know his real one!


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