Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BBQ Pizza & Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Robert and I took to the grill, like most Americans. Which I have always found strange because why would we kick off the hottest season with a scorching activity that involves fire? But I digress ... Instead of ribs, burgers or hot dogs, we decided to start summer with one of our favorite recipes: Grilled Pizza.

That's right, we threw dough on the grill. Robert likes to make a barbecue chicken pizza and I stick to margherita. We are usually Lazy Larry's (that's a saying, right?) and use pre-made dough, but this time we were quite adventurous, using a dough recipe from my absolute favorite blog The Londoner. I call Rosie's Proper Pizza recipe an adventure for two reasons: 1) I hadn't made dough as an adult without my Dad before. Robert had never made any bread. Ever. 2) The Londoner, as you may guess, is a UK blog that uses the metric system.

Robert and I had to do a little bit of conversions that I will share here with my fellow Americans who want to make this delicious dough too. Robert factored these with his engineering precision ...
500 grams of bread flour = 3 cups of bread flour
1 7g sachet of dried yeast = 1 sachet of dried yeast in America also equals 7 grams
What the heck is Golden Sugar? = In America, we call it Light Brown sugar
330 ml water = roughly 1 1/4 cups water
* These were our conversions that worked deliciously. To view the full recipe on The Londoner click here.

After we championed the dough like bosses (we were just a little proud of ourselves), we went on to make the pizzas like we have several times before. The homemade crust made for the best pies. And, it was so easy! The dough only needs an hour to prove. We are now "Proper Pizza" converts.

While the dough is from the lovely Londoner, our pizza technique is a Robert creation.

Grilled Pizza:
Now that I have the dough recipe, how exactly do I grill a pizza?

Here's what your starting with ...

Follow Rosie's advice on kneading here. Remember, it's not store-bought so it's not going to be a perfect circle. That's part of the charm!

Our prepped toppings for the two different pizzas. For the margherita: chopped basil, sea salt, sun dried tomatoes and garlic. For the barbecue chicken pizza, barbecue chicken hot off the grill.

To make the barbecue pizza ... Olive oil the pizza dough and place it oil side down on the grill. Let sit until visible grill marks appear on bottom. Olive oil side currently facing up and flip. (We use a cookie sheet for flipping.)

That was the only flip you are going to do. Now, use barbecue sauce as the pizza sauce.

Place grilled chicken on pizza.

Add Cheese. Close the top for a couple of minutes, allowing cheese to melt and dough to crisp. Remove (on cookie sheet). Cool. Consume.

To make the margherita ... Use the same olive oil method. Once pizza has been flipped use olive oil for the sauce.

Top with garlic, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and a pinch of sea salt.

Allow melting, crisping, etc.


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  1. Wow! This recipe gave me an idea of how I'm going to give a twist to my family's all time favorite – PIZZA! Hahaha. We're about to have a barbecue party this weekend and we'll invite some of our close friends too. I'm going to try this one! It will be great if I could offer them something different this time, right? ;) I should prepare the ingredients and our barbecue grill tomorrow then!

    Nohemi Tutterrow


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