Friday, May 4, 2012

Spicy Margaritas & Cinco de Bayou

After finishing up finals for the week (I just have one left at the end of next week) and tying up other loose ends. My friends and I decided to have a celebratory pot luck last night. This party can only be described as Cinco De Bayou. 

My friend Jake, the host, made delicious, Louisiana red beans and rice. And Robert and I made some Cinco de Mayo treats to share with you guys: Jalapeño Margaritas and Guacamole. The food was spicy — Cajun red pepper on the beans and jalapeño drinks — and, as Louisianians, we loved the heat.  My dad has a saying for meals like this, "It's so spicy it'll make your teeth burn." As we smoked through the meal, I had to take off my accessory scarf to cool down. It was all very delicious and fun was had.  

Those of you who don't enjoy five alarm meals ... Have no fear, either of these dishes separately would not have this effect. 

Jalapeño Margaritas: 
Courtesy of Robert's friend Sean, thanks dude! 

Our Cinco de Bayou margaritas rimmed with salt and Tony's for that Cajun kick. Photos by Robert Giglio

-       1.5 cups of lime juice (About 10 limes)
-       2-3 jalapenos, chopped (I used store bought)
-       1/4 cup sugar
-       1/4 cup water
-       2 cups tequila (Use Patron if possible)
-       1.5 cups orange liqueur
-       ice
-       salt
-       Tony’s

Squeeze limes and set juice aside.
Make simple syrup: Boil water and add sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. Add 8 – 10 jalapeño slices and let simmer until flavor is absorbed, the water will have a greenish tint. This is how you get the jalapeño flavor.
Combine syrup, lime juice, tequila and liqueur. Shake.
Rim the glasses in salt and Tony’s red pepper seasoning — for Cinco de Bayou it’s gotta be Tony’s!
Pour over ice.
Serve 6-8 margaritas.

Mom's Guacamole:
My mom has a surprising secret ingredient.

Combine this ingredients to taste ...
-       avocados, mashed
-       cumin
-       lemon juice
-       lime juice
-       Italian seasoning, the secret ingredient
-       salt and pepper
-       Tony’s

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