Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dog Ice Cream & Rasco's Big Weekend

Hello! My name is Rasco and I'm 10 pounds of cute. My mom's been pretty busy lately working on her project, so she asked me to post for her this week. But don't worry, she still makes time for me ...

We went to the Dog Park on Saturday, but I was too shy to hang out with the other dogs. There was one dachshund that seemed OK, I guess.

I got a little dirty running from bigger kids at the park.

But I got a reward for enduring the park and the bath. It was the greatest thing I ever tasted. My mom made me dog ice cream. She told me to tell you guys that she made a tiny cupcake sized portion for me (that I only ate half of because I am so small). All you do is add 1/2 tablespoon yogurt, another half peanut butter and a dab of honey. She had a lick before me and said it could be a good human treat too.

Om nom nom nom

I couldn't get enough. When she put the other half away for later, I begged for her to give me the rest now. She wiped my beard clean, even though I resisted, trying to explain I was keeping it in my flavor savor for a snack.

Overall, it was a pretty successful weekend. We ended it by snuggling on the couch and watching Netflix.

I guess I was tired after my big adventures.

*Just because I can eat yogurt doesn't mean all puppies can. Dietary restrictions for your dog should be taken into consideration.

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