Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day and S'more Cakeballs

Some Lore: Independence Day
My International blog takes a week to celebrate the New Country

Here at the Old Country, I usually focus on the past.  But today, in honor of America, I will share my family’s very modern Fourth of July tradition.

My family, like most, usually hosts a big barbecue. In Louisiana, expect no fewer than 10 cousins and some straggling neighbors.  We have sausage, burgers, corn and, of course, beer.  We may walk to get sno-balls.  It’s all very mundane and quite pleasant.  Except for one thing.

We watch the 1996 cinematic classic Independence Day, starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. Considering the date, this may not seem so strange.  But we don’t watch it once. It's on loop.

A picture of Hiller, found online.

And, this tradition reaches farther than the related July day. It spread to Christmas, Thanksgiving and all other family gatherings since the film came out on VHS in 1997.

After watching the same film together for, I don’t know - 15 years, certain viewing habits develop. 

One of the uncles always asks to start the feature, usually by saying, “Where’s Independence Day?” Like our honored guest hasn’t arrived yet.  Everyone says their favorite lines with the character, most notably “Welcome to Earth,” as Will Smith punches an alien.  We jeer at the stripper who goes on the roof, even though Jasmine totally warned her against it.  We applaud the dog as it leaps out of the explosion like a total badass.  And my male cousins get rhythmically louder during the “Today we celebrate our Independence Day” speech.  

Other films have come and gone (Armageddon, Idiocracy, The Hangover), but for some reason we just can’t shake Captain Steven Hiller and David Levinson. 

S'More: S'more, Cake Balls that is
But I haven't had any yet ...

S'more Cake Balls ... aww yeah. Photo by Robert Giglio

I made this dish for my family's barbecue tomorrow. I thought it was an appropriate dessert to top off a cook out or a good July dish, reminiscent of summer camp outs. They are a crowd pleaser, and super easy ... 

- chocolate box cake mix
- chocolate icing
- bakers chocolate
- mini marshmallows 
- graham crackers

Bake the box cake as directed. Let it cool. Now, destroy it. Really, mash it up and blend it with half a can of that chocolate icing. Now it is a maleable dough. Flatten small pieces of this dough into your palm. Place two or three mini marshmallows in a thumbprint in the center and roll the dough around it and into a ball shape. Melt the bakers chocolate and pour it over the tops of the balls.  Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on the top. Enjoy! 

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