Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Calories and Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Calories
Why do I eat so much during a storm?

So this blog will be abbreviated because I am currently braving a hurricane.  That sounds so much more  dramatic than the fast moving grey clouds, wind and rain happening outside my window. 

My mom, dad, family dog Penny and Oma are all hunkered down in Rasco and my's small place.  As I have crossed a new threshold of adulthood, my parents have evacuated to me. 

Let the cabin fever begin.  

Like any good hurricane hostess, I bought jugs of water, froze a pot of water, charged batteries, gathered candles and flashlights and, of course, consumed 94843908630580934095842958 calories and counting.  

A friend of mine posted a Facebook status yesterday that rung out with truth, it stated: What is it about hurricane prep that makes me wanna eat everything in sight?

Amen to that sister.

And I think the reason is three-fold:
A) I better eat all this ice cream and better tasting sweet stuff in my fridge and freezer before the power goes out.
B) I deserve comfort food. It's stressful here!
C) Buy a bunch of junk food because it won't spoil. I am so smart. 

But don't worry about a storm of calories, because they'll get burned off in post-hurricane clean-up!

Seriously, fellow Louisianans, keep calm and stay dry!

Hurricane Food:

Hurricane Necessities. Photo by Robert Giglio

It's important when one is a hurricane hostess to buy only the essentials.  An educated hostess knows to prepare for panic attacks and power outages.  Once you've obtained your water, emergency items and a deck of cards, one must make sure to stock the pantry with non-perishable items. 

- Canned Goods
- Bread
- Beer, Abita the better 
- Nutella and Peanut Butter for bread 
- Cheese Its, Pepper Jack seemed festive 
- Dark Chocolate (This stuff is good. Hide it from your guests and eat it when things feel crowded.)
- Apples, it'll even out the junk food right?
- Beer


  1. Last August we had a hurricane here in NYC and they shut down the subway. So, all my friends met at one of our apartments, bought a ton of beer and had a 2-day long party! It was actually super fun.

    On a serious note, I hope you and your family stay safe! xo

    1. Thanks so much for the concern, my family and I are all doing well. And though I was stuck inside with my parents for ~30 hours there was still beer drinking :)

  2. Since when does Jif make a chocolate peanut butter??? I MUST find some!! :)

    1. I know! I had never seen it before either. But it is very good. There were even two flavors: chocolate hazelnut and mocha hazelnut.


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