Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Robert and Surprise Cheesecake

Birthdays and Boyfriends
Robert can't escape my love of birthdays

So, you know I don't like to get mushy on this blog. But in honor my boyfriend Robert's birthday, I would like to give him a special shout out. Since he doesn't love celebrating his birthday, I will be brief.

Thank you for ... 
1.  Taking pictures for my blog, oral history project, articles and of Rasco
2.  Driving through torrential down pours and telling me it wasn't that bad — even though it was
3.  Stirring the roux 
4.  Switching to whole wheat and grinning through it for me
5.  Fixing things around my place and my computer 

Happy Birthday Robert!

Robert and me when we first started dating. We met because he was editor of the LSU Gumbo yearbook and I was editor of LSU Legacy magazine.

Cake is the only thing that matters! 
In fact, it means "alot" to me ...

Last year for Robert's birthday, he wanted "alot" of cake. Yes, I know that a lot is spelled with two words.  The error is intended because it is a joke from one of Robert and my's favorite blogs, Hyperbole and Half.  There is an awesome post making fun of people who throw all spelling and grammar rules out the window online.  The cutest example, in our opinion, is a mythical monster, the Alot.

The blog describes the Alot as follows:

The Alot is an imaginary creature that I made up to help me deal with my compulsive need to correct other people's grammar.  It kind of looks like a cross between a bear, a yak and a pug, and it has provided hours of entertainment for me in a situation where I'd normally be left feeling angry and disillusioned with the world.  

Whenever the author reads the word "alot" she doesn't correct it as a lot, she instead pictures this adorable beast doing the described activity. It is just fantastic. You should read it.

So, I did make an alot of cake, simply carving it out of a chocolate box cake and decorating with googly eyes, sprinkles, frosting and candy corn.

 Alot of cake. The card is a joke from another great hyperbole and a half post

With such an amazing cake last year, I had to outdo myself ... So, I asked Robert what he wanted.  He said he wanted me to make the mini cheesecakes my best friend Haley made once before. Some had oreos at the bottom and he liked the "surprises."

I found the recipe she used on Pinterest.

But I made a few variations.  First of all, I didn't use raspberries.  I added treats: candy, cookies, strawberries. I also cut the recipe and used half Greek yogurt, half cream cheese.  I've been experimenting with Greek Yogurt as a substitute lately.

Here is the recipe as I made it ... 

Robert's mini cheesecake with Oreo surprise. The different wrappers in the background denote different surprises. Photo by Robert Giglio

For the crust:
1½ cups graham cracker crumbs
4 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
3 tbsp. sugar

Combine in bowl.  Line muffin tin with cupcake liners (I used four different kinds so I would know what treat was in which, good for a party where people have allergies.) Pat down one tablespoon spoon of graham mixture at the bottom of every liner. Bake for 5 minutes at 325. Allow to cool.

Now, I placed each treat in its respective color coded  liners. Zebra = Oreo; Tiger = Reese's; Balloon Design=Robert's favorite, Hershey's with Toffee and Almond; Solid Pastel = Strawberry. 

An iPhone shot of how I arranged the treats atop the crusts.

For the Filling:
8 oz. cream cheese
8 oz. Greek yogurt
3/4 cups sugar
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
2 large eggs

Combine in large bowl. Pour two tbsp. of mixture over treat and crust. Bake at 325 for 22-25 minutes, rotating the pan once and using a toothpick to check doneness. Cool and Enjoy! 


  1. This post is so sweet. Happy birthday to your man!! The cake from last year was too cute and that cheesecake looks delish!!!

  2. aww i love your blog! hahah i love the ALOT monster!!! ive used that image in my powerpoints as an english teacher before. hahaha. now if you'll excuse all my punctuation errors in this comment. im off work lol.


  3. I love this post! That happy birthday greetings and the cupcakes are so awesome and thoughtful. Very nice!


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