Friday, November 30, 2012

So I did that Instagram November Photo-A-Day thing ...

Nov1 Nov2 Nov3 Nov4 Nov5 Nov6 Nov7 Nov8 Nov9 Nov10 Nov11 Nov12 Nov13 Nov14 Nov15 Nov16 Nov17 Nov18 Nov19 Nov20 Nov21 Nov22 Nov23 Nov24 Nov25 Nov26 Nov27 Nov28 Nov29 Nov30

1. Day of the Dead 2. Rasco's new toy 3. My cousin’s baby shower
4. Gelato with the journos 5. Boyfriend built a bed 6. Election Cupcake
7. Date Night 8. My Birthday 9. Oops bought People Espanol
10. Girl’s Night in Hotlanta 11. Friend’s dog in NC 12. Back at home
13. Back to work 14. A blog within a blog 15. Skyfall
16. Oma got me an Advent calendar 17. A&W in MS 18. Edelweiss Restaurant in VA
19. At Nat Geo Headquarters 20. Caffeine 21. Belated Bday gift
22. Thanksgiving 23. Taffy in Arlington, VA 24. Great Falls, VA
25. Time Warp Vintage Goodies 26. Christmas decor 27. Groomed
28. 1st Selfie Ever 29. My Christmas Cards 30. The Avett Brothers are today's jam.

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