Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cotton Candy Costumes

In lieu of an edible recipe today, I am giving you one of the wearable sort.  But we are still in the same food neighborhood?!  I am giving you all the ingredients to make a sweet cotton candy costume.   

So, why were two grown woman walking around New Orleans dressed like Cotton Candy? Mardi Gras, of course! In New Orleans, costumes are just as appropriate on Mardi Gras Day as they are on Halloween.  Emily and I strutted our Cotton Candy selves in the Warehouse District during Carnival a couple of weeks back. And, our costumes were a hit.  So many people stopped to take pictures with us, most gave compliments and one serenaded us.  We also left a trail of pillow fluff on our way home at the end of the night. We really wore out these costumes. 

Emily and I were cotton candy once. (I'm the pink one.)

pillow stuffing (1 bag per costume)
1 oversized (but not giant — just a size up) white t-shirt 
spray glue
ballet slipper pink spray paint and/or blue ocean breeze
spray glitter
shorts in pink, blue or white (for modesty — you probably won't see them under the big shirt)
white tights
(I wore pink shoes and my friend wore blue shoes)

for the headband ... 
1 styrofoam cone 
1 old headband 
glue gun/packaging tape
(spray glue and paint used above)

Spray Glue the pillow stuffing to the front of the shirt.  
Spray Paint the the front of the shirt. 
Allow time to dry and flip shirt over.
Spray Glue the pillow stuffing to the back of the shirt.  
Spray Paint the the back of the shirt. 
Allow time to dry & lightly Spray Glitter both sides of the shirt.
... you're almost cotton candy!

Now for the cone ...
Spray Paint extra pillow fluff. 
Allow to dry & lightly Spray Glitter
Ball the fluff and Spray Glue it around your cone.
Fasten the cone to an old head band. 

This recipe was given to me by my friend Elisabeth, thanks! 

The night we were cotton candy according to Instagram.  

5 Awesome Facts About Cotton Candy 

1. William Morrison and John Wharton invented it in 1897.
2. It was introduced at the 1904 World's Fair as Fairy Floss. 
In honor of this, I suggest we all watch this video
3. A New Orleans dentist invented a similar machine spun candy 20 years later. 
But his name for the confection was catchier ... Cotton Candy! 
(In honor of this fact, I suggest you watch this slightly related musical clip about a product heist.)
4.  It is still called Fairy Floss in Australia. 
5. Today, it can be enjoyed in a number of ways 1 2  3 
Thanks Pinterest

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