Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy National Margarita Day!

Apparently, today is National Margarita Day and BuzzFeed decided to celebrate with a list of the 29 Crazy Margaritas You Need to Try. And, what do you know, number 25 is my Peppermint Margarita!  Remember this guy

see the article here.

Since my blog is all about traditions ... Have a Happy National Margarita Day and try one of BuzzFeed's 29 awesome concoctions.

Thanks for the shout out BuzzFeed Food! 

My Margarita recipes: JalapeƱo and Peppermint


  1. Okay, so, your blog is LOVELY. (No duh! Heh.)

    The other day I saw I had a new follower and was thrilled to discover it was you. (And none of that lame "I'm following you, wanna follow me back?!" mumbo-jumbo, bwah!) Consider yourself followed, too.


    That's one badass margarita, up there!


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