Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cake Ball Chicks & Easter Chicks

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my family is a chicken family. We have had egg-laying chickens for a total of about 15 years. These chickens aren't just workers, and certainly not food!, they are our pets. So, Easter often brought new chicks when I was growing up. 

To celebrate Easter, or spring, I thought these cute chicken cake balls would go with today's post. 

My friend Candace, who taught me how to make cake balls, 
made these little guys with me. 

Yellow or White Cake Mix 
White Icing
Yellow Candy Melts
White Chocolate Chips  
Black Squeezy Gel Icing 

Combine the cake ingredients as directed. 
Bake the cake as directed.
After cooling, combine cake with icing. 
You should start with half the can of icing 
and see if the dough is sticky and can be easily rolled into a ball.  
If not, add more icing until reaching desired texture.
Roll into 1” ball shape. 
Melt yellow candies and dip the cake balls. 
Decorate with sprinkles for the comb, wings and feet.
Use white chocolate chips for the beak and the gel for eyes. 

Feel free to get creative with the sprinkles/colors! 

But back to my real chickens ... 

When my sister Julie and I were growing up, we dressed our chickens up, took them for walks in our red wagon and sold their eggs to my grandma's friends. As a result, Julie is the chicken woman.  She collects chicken things and thinks there should be a decorative chicken in every home. We both grapple with eating chicken — she doesn't at all. 

But, as much as we love our chickens and they were a wonderful Easter surprise, I have to warn others not to hastily purchase them this holiday weekend. Our chickens were a 5-12 year commitment each, not just for a weekend. So if you add any fluffy family members this weekend, understand they are a commitment and love them when they grow up too.  

My mom's hen Tina ... She has a sister named Fey.  They are our only two egg-layers this year, and they do a great job.
Photo by Robert Giglio

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  1. Loved this!

    And aww, dressing up and walking the chickens...tee hee! That's giving me the most hilarious yet awesome visual.


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