Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tiramisu Cake Balls

These tiramisu cake balls taste exactly like the real deal.  They are bite sized, decadent and simply delicious.

1 box angel food cake mix
16 oz bag chocolate
8 oz packet cream cheese
8 oz cup coffee
6 lady fingers, or Pirouette cookies (I used vanilla)
1T coffee grounds
1tsp rum
2 T cocoa powder

Bake angel food cake as directed.
Allow cake to cool as directed.* Mash cake in bowl with cream cheese. Mix in four mashed lady fingers.
Pour 6 oz coffee over cake.  Blend.  Mix in 1T cocoa powder.
Melt chocolate, mixing in remaining coffee and rum.
Roll balls in chocolate.
Mix remaining cocoa powder, coffee grounds and two ground Pirouette cookies.  Use this mixture to top off balls.

For more of my original cake ball recipes from king cake to s'more, click here

*Cool as the box says, not as I did.
Apparently, you don't grease the bottom of the pan.
I was able to salvage the cake, thank goodness it was for cake balls!
Just remember, it's easy to let a kitchen mess ruin your day ...
But when life hands you lemons, make cake balls. 


  1. Once again, something that I'm going to have to copy! Lady, are you seriously in DC? I'd love to actually meet you one of these days! Let me know if you're down for meeting up for coffee, cocktails, or anything if you're in the District!

    1. I really recommend these - But they are very rich! And yes I live in the District and it would be really fun to meet sometime in person! I am still new and learning the ropes :)

  2. Can you tell me how many cake balls this makes? Thanks.

    1. About two dozen, depending on how much dough you tear off per ball!


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