Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red, White and Blue-bitussin & ID2 Part One?!

So, this post was originally going to be titled red, white and blueberry margaritas ... And then something went horribly wrong.  I almost didn't post this because I had such a major kitchen fail.  But, we all have kitchen fails, right?  Even me, the diligent food blogger, can straight up result to ordering take out.  Here's what happened ...


Don't let looks deceive you. 

Last night, I decided to do a festive Fourth of July post with a refreshing blueberry summer cocktail. I chose to create a blueberry margarita.  I tasted it at home and it was a little, um, pungent. But, I thought, Sometimes I'm not into Tequila? I'll take it to my sister's place and have her and her husband try it.  

Julie took one sip and coughed.  Her husband came home and had the same reaction, adding a "That'll put some hair on your chest."  But then continued to drink what we called the blueberry poison and SnakeJuice ... results were not surprising.  He tried to fix it and there were a couple of solutions.  But then he watered it down and added lemonade. Not. A. Solution. It tasted just like cough syrup, Blue-bitussin.  And drinking something that tastes like cough syrup but makes you cough is a very weird sensation. 

So if you want to make a blueberry margarita, I have a couple of tips: 
- Don't do whatever the hell I did.  
- Use A LOT of fresh limes.  Add 50% more lime juice than normal.
- Use half as much tequila as usual, it really overpowers the blueberry. 
- For the love of God, do not salt the rim.  So bad.  Try sugaring the rim. 

Sorry I let you guys down today, but here is how I am going to make it up to you: 
1.  Red Velvet, White & Blue Cupcake Recipe, perfect for the Fourth.
2.  For a little giggle, read me today at Hello Giggles
3.  Jeff Goldblum. Last Fourth of July, I explained how my family is obsessed with Independence Day. The Fourth of July movie watching tradition spread into all other holidays, strange I know.  But we are all very excited because the Internet is abuzz with rumors that ID is back and possibly in a trilogy.  And, some are even reporting that Jeff Goldblum is coming back, sadly we probably won't be seeing more of Captain Steven Hiller, AKA Will Smith. Whatever the case, looks like we have plans for July 4th Weekend 2015!

My Red Velvet, White & Blue cupcakes from the election
are perfect for this weekend.  


  1. Oh my gosh, I have had so many kitchen fails it's ridiculous. Next time, maybe you could try blackberries? I'm far from a margarita expert, but they have that little bit of tartness to them already that could pair lovely with the lime while still giving you the fun/festive color! (Sorry in advance if that fails catastrophically, too.)

    1. I feel better that I am not alone lol. But blackberry could be very interesting! And if it fails, I'll take the fall :)


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