Monday, July 8, 2013

Special Monday Post: Happy Birthday Oma

Today's special Monday Post is not a recipe.  It is a Happy Birthday to my Oma, my inspiration for this blog. She passed away in January and Saturday would have been her 88th birthday.  And, Oma loved her birthday.  

With Oma and my sister on what I believe was her 67th birthday.
She let me keep my pacifier in, because she knew how much I liked it. 

Instead of being sad, we decided to have Bavarian dinner, with a Fourth of July twist, and think fondly of our Oma.  

Andrew, Julie, Robert and I headed to German Gourmet, a German Grocery in northern Virginia. We bought candies Oma gave us as children and supplies for dinner.  Considering the weekend,  we ate Bavarian hot dogs AKA authentic German sausages, mustard and blaukraut on pretzel bread (all from German Gourmet).  We made a "prost" to Oma and had a meal that made us so full, she would be proud.

Our German meal on Oma Day. 

This morning, as I thought about this first birthday, I thought about the things I miss about my Oma like the way her home always smelled of linen, Chanel No. 5, expired lotion and cookie dough.  It was a happy, safe place that always had chocolate and usually ice cream.  When I slept over, there was a special poofy, vintage night gown I wore that made me feel like a princess.  And, when we you laid in the down bedding, you would sink inches into the frame.  She was a truly wonderful Oma.  And I am happy to celebrate her every year on July 6, Oma Day. 

Click here if you would like to cook one of Oma's German recipes.

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