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How to throw a Grown Up Zombie Birthday Party ...

My sister and I threw a Zombie Birthday Party for her husband Andrew — he turned 28. It was a huge success on all counts from costumes to food to the big game.  We served up a mess of Zombie foods and created a pretty elaborate game.  

Perhaps our zombie bash could serve as inspiration for your Halloween party?

Here are some recipes, ideas and scenes to help you throw an awesome apocalyptic bash. 


Brain Cupcakes -- with green goo

1 box cake mix or my original confetti cake recipe (the birthday boy requested confetti cake)
green candy melts or white chocolate with green food coloring
pink icing from the store or food coloring with my buttercream recipe

With the goo ... 

Spoon one tablespoon of batter.  
Place green candy melt.  
Finish filling cupcake tray 3/4 the way full.
Bake as directed on box or blog. Cool. 
Decorate cupcake as seen above. 

Red Velvet Cake "Eye"Balls -- from my friend Candace

1 box cake mix or the Sprinkles copycat red velvet recipe
cream cheese icing
white almond bark or chocolate
candy melts: red & blue
mini chocolate chips 

Bake the cake as directed.
After cooling, combine cake with icing.
You should start with half the can of icing. 
and see if the dough is sticky and can be easily rolled into a ball.
If not, add more icing until reaching desired texture.
Roll into 1” ball shape.
Melt white bakers chocolate. 
Dip balls in white chocolate.
Allow to harden.
Decorate with a dollop of the melted blue candy melt 
(as the eye's center).
Place mini chocolate chip as the pupil.
Allow to harden and use red melt to create the veins with red icing or edible marker.

Intestine Bread 

Two packages (4 sheets) of frozen pastry dough for the crust
two large packages chopped or lightly creamed frozen spinach, thawed
one large tub nonfat Ricotta
one tbsp granulated garlic
one tbsp Italian seasoning
salt & pepper to taste

Thaw dough on wax paper.
Cut each square into strips.
Blend other ingredients & chill to firm.
Spoon onto flat pastry strips.
Fold one side of pastry strip over filling.
Pull other side to meet in middle.
Pinch sides together to seal center seam.
Put filled tube seam-side down in pan.
Arrange into guts.*
Brush with olive oil.
Bake at 400 for 15 minutes.
Brush with red sauce: I used marinara.

* Place tubes seam-side down. Bend them into one top squiggle like seen above. 

28 Beers Later

The Grown Up Zombie Game 

The guests got pretty into it ... 

Survive all three rounds of the apocalypse
If you become a Zombie be the best -- 
Turn the most people and collect the most arm bandanas 

How you become a Zombie: 
Say one of the forbidden words announced at the beginning of each round 
(It is safe to say the forbidden word to a fellow survivor, just not in earshot of a walker)
Getting iced 
Acts of God (Announcement)
Third Round Attacks

Zombies must get their faces painted!

How to Protect Yourself:
Gold Level Immunity: Protects you from all attacks for a round.  Can only be won as a team in trivia. 
Green Level Immunity:  Take a shot to gain immunity. Shots lose potency at the end of every round. Green level protects against saying a forbidden word. But not getting iced.
Weapons ...

Immunity is signified with gold and green Mardi Gras beads.

Weapons for the living:
Weapons are hidden throughout the house - 
We used beers with weapons in the name like Strong Bow or just PBR

If you get attacked by a walker and you have no immunity/have to use a weapon, 
you and the zombie split the beer and have a drink-off. If the living wins, the they stay alive. 

Weapons for the undead:
The first six zombies get Smirnoff to ice people with 
Six Resurrection Beers are hidden in the apartment to turn you back into a human 
(We used a beer called Resurrection)

The living and the undead can barter for weapons ... 
ie the undead for resurrections and the living for weapons.  

When guests arrived they were given bandanas to wear as a headband, around the arm or wrist.  The bandanas were in three different colors signifying three different teams (We used red, yellow and blue).  The guests, who arrived in "survival gear" mingled and listened to music until radio programming was interrupted ... 

If you don't have equipment to create a radio announcement (a friend of ours who does podcasts helped), you can do it live.

(Announcement breaks in around 2:12) 

First Round Rules: 
The Red Team/District loses two players (Act of God) (Shortest and Tallest)
Don't say zombie  

We then did a 10 question Zombie trivia round — music, books, movies themed.  And the winning team won  immunity for the first round. 

Allow the game to go for as long as it takes for a few weapons, resurrections to be found. 

Second Announcement, disease has spread to Yellow District
Five Question Trivia: With the theme "Survival Skills" for Gold immunity 

Second Round Rules: 
The Yellow District loses two players
Three new forbidden words are introduced

Allow the game to go for as long as it takes for almost all weapons, resurrections to be found. 

Third Announcement: Disease has spread to last district
There will be so little living players left trivia is different ... No gold level immunity.

Survivors line up single file for "Real Zombies"trivia 
(questions about the brain, cannibalism and voodoo zombies).
This is a lightning round. 
If you get your one question right you get green immunity.
If not, you enter the round with no immunity.

Third Round attacks:
Zombies can now attack with challenges or drink offs, the victim decides
A challenge may be the alphabet or spelling "apocalypse" backward

When one survivor is left, the game is over and prizes are distributed to the last man standing and most dangerous zombie — who turned the most people and collected the bandanas to prove it. 

Our winners and birthday boy.

Zombie Inspiration 

Have a ration table of brain inspired cuisine
and foods so artificial they would survive the apocalypse. 
Deviled eyeballs, intestine bread, brain cupcakes ...
Post apocalyptic cuisine. 
Paint the Town Dead 
Awesome "Survival Gear" costumes 
And, of course, a brain jello mold 

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