Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Po' Girls Walking Krewe & Muffulettas

Do You Know What it means to Ms. New Orleans?  
We Po' Girls sure do.

Po' Girls with their Lucky Dogs — Louie, Rasco & Oscar! 

As Louisiana natives living in DC, Margot, Leah, my sister Julie and I have stuck together.  We joke that New Orleans is such a different place than the rest of the country that we stick together like people do from the same foreign country in America. Recently, we finally put that you can take the girls out of Louisiana but not the Louisiana out of the girls sentiment to good use — we founded the Krewe de Po' Girls as a way to bring Louisiana flavor to the District.

The Po' Girls are a bona fide New Orleans walking krewe — just 1,000+ miles northeast, distance be damned. We debuted in DC at the annual High Heel Drag Queen Race in Dupont.  And, yes, it is exactly as FABULOUS as it sounds.  This year our Louisiana alter ego is Zapp's Potato Chips.

Drumroll please, here we have the original Po' Girls:
Chip photos were found online, primarily on the Zapp's website

We hot glued beads on corsets and used craft supplies for the sashes and badges. 

Our Grand Debut

We knew dressing as Zapp's at a drag race in DC could be confusing for people on all different levels.  People may think we are men? So, what!  People won't know what we are. We'll tell them! 

And, honestly, our predictions were accurate. We were a huge hit.  People on the street took probably hundreds of photos of us. Some thought we were a rainbow, some thought we were Mardi Gras (we'll take it) and others were dead on — we even attracted some fellow Louisianans! In the end, we strutted our stuff,  threw beads to excited onlookers, saw some absolutely amazing drag ensembles (The Rockford Peaches, hello!) and talked to tons of people about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, walking krewes, Po' Boys (& girls) and Zapp's.  Did I mention we strutted? 

Our debut was also a little bit of a social experiment. While people overwhelmingly knew we were women, some thought we were men because frankly we were at a drag event. Most people studied us before coming to the XXY conclusion, some drag queens playfully called us "cheaters" and one woman, who thought I was a man in drag, stared at me and said, "You are so beautiful." Hey, I'll take it. There was one hilarious straight guy who said we had him rethinking his orientation before he realized we were girls. But, we also had the unique experience of witnessing a little bit of discrimination. With thousands of people in the crowd only two people were not very kind to us.  One guy said, after I pet his girlfriend's dog and was walking away, "It's just not right." 

Buddy, you're not right. 

Mini New Orleans Muffulettas (Regular + Vegetarian)
Now, for a very fitting recipe. 

Before the race last night we enjoyed a taste of home with New Orleans original muffulettas.  My sister and I made the original Nola recipe and a vegetarian option for party guests.

Ingredients for the Original Recipe:

Genoa Salami
Rouse's Olive Salad
Slider buns/ petite kaiser rolls

Arrange ingredients in bun and toast until warm and crisp at about 200 degrees.

Ingredients for the Vegetarian Recipe:

3 Egg Whites
Bread Crumbs
Tablespoon milk (soy or almond ok) 
Tablespoon olive oil 
Rouse's Olive Salad
Slider buns/ petite kaiser rolls in whole wheat

Slice eggplant into circles.  Dip individual pieces in egg wash made of oil, milk and egg whites, then dip in flour and lastly bread.  Arrange circles on a greased and aluminum foiled baking sheet and bake at 350 for 20 minutes, flipping the eggplant pieces over at the 10 minute mark.  Eggplant pieces should be crisp and brown.  For the last couple of minutes in the oven, allow cheeses to melt on eggplant.

Arrange olive salad and eggplant with cheese in buns and toast at 200 as directed above. 

Did you know? 

That the Muffuletta is one of the best examples of New Orleans' melting pot?  The Sicilian family that founded Central Grocery in New Orleans blended the taste of home with ingredients found in Louisiana and invented the Muffuletta.  Today, Central Grocery is still in business and serving the best sandwich in town. 

Some more of Zapps! 

With our cuts. 

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