Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Scenes

As you already read, I had a birthday last week. I was nervous about this birthday because it was my first one far from home.  But, it ended up great and home came to me. 

Via Instagram.
As it was a surprise party, this phone pic is my only shot. 

My birthday kicked off a few days earlier than anticipated with a Day of the Dead surprise party. You guys remember how much I love Day of the Dead, right? Thanks to everyone who helped throw me a fabulous fiesta, especially my big sister.  

Agora + Starbucks freebie + Sprinkles. Via Instagram.

My mom visited and we celebrated my birthday weekend with little adventures to Sprinkles cupcakes, Starbucks for a free birthday beverage, Eastern Market, brunch and my birthday dinner of Turkish Tapas at Agora — which ended in pistachio heaven.
My mom's the best.

I also got this adorable Dear Creatures dress for my birthday. 
Naturally, I had to take it out for a spin. 

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! 
Cheers to my mid-twenties — yikes.


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