Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My first & Only Thanksgivukkah

For the first time since 1888 — and the only time for 79,000 years! —Thanksgiving lands during Hanukkah. My friends Adam and Leah decided to celebrate the once in a lifetime holiday by hosting a Thanksgivukkah party. 

And many other Jewish Americans have been planning special  festivities. One AP article described a Jewish School's elementary students making classic handprint turkeys with finger paint — but adding small flames to the top of the finger feathers to create Turkey Menorahs.  Others are fusing Jewish and traditional Turkey Day dishes. 

Adam and Leah made the customary Potato Latkes with Thanksgiving yams, aka sweet potatoes. And, they were delicious. 

A Thanksgivukkah plate, clockwise: Leah's yummy kugel, traditional latke,
SWEET POTATO latke & cranberry yam salad. 

Sweet Potato Latkes 

Leah and Adam sent this Latke Guide ... 

Thank you to the wonderful hosts, Adam and Leah, for making these! 
And Food 52 for the recipe

1 medium sweet potato makes 3 latkes 
Purple onion 
salt & pepper
Peanut or Vegetable Oil

Skin and coarsely grate potatoes. 
Gather shreds in rag and wring out water. 
Beat one egg and mix in shredded potato and onion — 1 egg per two pounds of potato. Add 1-2 tbs flour per egg. 
Mix well. Season with salt & pepper — and maybe spices of your choosing. 
Heat oil in sauce pan and drop spoonfuls until patties are golden brown on both sides. 
Serve with apple sauce, sour cream or Cranberry Sauce for a Thanksgivukkah twist!

Sweet Potato Latkes! 

Regular latkes — made the same way just different potatoes. 


Scenes from Thanksgivukkah
Thanks to Leah and Adam

Me & My sister wearing the autumn wreaths Leah made. Via Instagram

Leah and Adam's fur baby Oscar, love his bow tie! 

It isn't Thanksgiving without pecan pie ... this one was chocolate.

Julie & Leah

Cranberry Sangria 

Julie & Louie

The Po' Girls


  1. you people are looking too good with a cute flowers crown.. and the recipe looks great :)

  2. What a perfect day!
    The food looks amaaaaaaaazing and I'm LOVING your flower crowns :)


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