Friday, November 22, 2013

Slapsgiving, Hanksgiving & Turkey Day TV

I do something that is pretty weird ...  

I like to watch holiday TV shows in the week leading up to whatever holiday I'm jazzed about.  What's the catch? I don't have a TV where every channel is packed with festive shows and commercials. So, I have to rely on Netflix for Holiday cheer. When Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentine's role around, I google what shows had fun, seasonal episodes. Then I find them on Netflix. 

The hunt has become a game.  Although, Christmas is a little too easy.  I decided to put this compulsion to good use and create a Turkey Day Netflix Guide for you guys, if you want to join in the Thanksgiving fun! 

Thanksgiving TV Streaming Now on Netflix

New Girl
Season 1, Thanksgiving (Meet Hank the Turkey, Hanksgiving)
Season 2,  Parents 

How I Met Your Mother 
Season 1, Belly Full of Turkey (My personal favorite)
Season 3,  Slapsgiving
 Season 5, Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
Season 6, Blitzgiving 
Season 7, The Rebound Girl 

Ugly Betty
Season 1, Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral

Season 4, A Lilith Thanksgiving
Season 7, The Apparent Trap 

Season 1, My Day Off

The League
Season 3, Thanksgiving

Other shows streaming with Thanksgiving Cheer: 
That '70s Show, Cheers, The West Wing, Raising Hope, Everybody Loves Raymond

Not on Netflix, but Honorable Mentions:
Friends (All 10 T-Giving Episodes)
South Park, Helen Keller The Musical
Gilmore Girls, A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

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