Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We'd Probably Be Friends If ...

I saw the cutest list over at Sometimes Sweet called "We'd Probably Be Friends" about when you meet someone who just gets you. You know, when you find a new friend with a shared quirk or love for something just a little different. 

Danielle at SS compiled her list of eccentricities and fun and invited her followers to do the same. It was such a sweet idea, I decided to join in with the list below. 

-  Obscure Gilmore Girls references (Oy with the Poodles Already) and the even more obscure 30 Rock reference ...


- Love for The Muppet Christmas Carol and the muppets in general.

- Knowledge that Jeff Mangum and Regina Spektor are poets. But, it's OK to love Beyonce too! (Or Katy Perry.)

- We can eat lunch together with dessert and never ever talk about cheating or dieting or any other silly things like that.

- Day of the Dead <3

Part of my collection of calaveras. 

- You may have also had a Wayne Thiebaud cover photo on facebook.

Thiebaud. Pinterest

- Though we have some frilly things in common, you don't blush when I accidentally let a @#$% slip. Oops.

- You know all the words to this. 

- Your grandma taught you to cook her famous _________ .

Would we be friends?
 What's your list? 


  1. Things I especially appreciate about this post:
    -The Muppets (looking back, I can kiiiiind of see how being raised on the Muppets instead of Sesame Street may have fed my sarcasm streak)
    -Regina, always
    -Gilmore Girls and A League of Their Own
    -and, okay, maybe the cursing too.

    1. See, this is why we hit it off in person and via blogs :)


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