Thursday, January 23, 2014

Liebster Awards: Drei!!!

Hello All!  It has come to my attention that the lovely blogger Monu Teena at Recipes Passion has nominated me for a Liebster Award.

Here's the rundown of what that means: "The Liebster Award is for blogs that have 200 followers or less. The word "Liebster" is German for kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, valued, cute, pleasant, endearing and welcome. It's a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and gain more followers." 

Yes, I did do this Liebster thing a couple of times already, but I like quizzes and spreading kindness. So, I am very excited to play. Plus, I get to meet new bloggers.  And, it is such a sweet recognition.  

Here are my answers to Monu Teena's questions :)

What describes you best?
ESTJ ... So, I am fiercely loyal and at times intense. But, I have an ooey-gooey cupcake streak. 

Robert is an INTP <3 via Pinterest

Why did you start Blogging?

I am a writer. So, as a journalism senior at LSU, it felt natural to start a blog as a place to write and grow my passion for cooking and culture. 

Who inspired you most? Tell us about your inspirations & motivation?
My grandmother definitely inspired me most. She was the inspiration for this blog. As a German immigrant in America she passed on her traditions to my family and learned those of her Lebanese husband's. These recipes inspired my blog. But so much of me was also inspired by my grandma.

With my Oma and sister. 

How do you compose a Blog Post? and decide for a title?

My blog is all about traditions and celebrations. So it almost always correlates with a holiday or event and gives a recipe for a common food at that celebration. Sometimes the holidays are international and the recipe and custom goes back generations. Other times the recipe is a toast to a friend's birthday or modern holiday. Life is a celebration! 

What is the first thing you like to order first in a restaurant?
First thing? Bread or cheese :) 

What you have when you have a sweet tooth? Make it your own or just get it from a nearby Superstore?
I made a rule a couple of years ago that if it comes out a box, it should stay in it. So I only eat sweets if they are homemade. And, I love sweets. My in a pinch cookie recipe is snickerdoodles, I know it by memory. And, for just a little something sweet, I love dark chocolate.

Provide the best post on your Blog (Link:Optional)
Best post ... that is tough. But this one is very popular. 

And the post you liked most on my Blog (Link:Optional)
I enjoy your maamoul recipe!

What do you do at a family gathering or reunion?

Any advice, messages, suggestions so far would you like to give to new Bloggers?
Hmmm ... Be you! Blog because it feels good, not to get followers. And, don't over share. It is easy to forget how permanent the Internet is.

Here are my questions ...

1.  Current Netflix binge?
2.  Do you have a pet? Tell me all about it.
3.  Go-to recipe?
4.  Song that gets you pumped up?
5.  How did you meet your significant other or best friend?
6.  Dream vacation & why?
7.  What is valuable advice you have received in the past?
8.  In ten years I hope to ... [Finish this sentence.]
9. It's embarrassing, but I love ... [Finish this sentence.]
10. If you could be best friends with any fictional lady, who would it be?

Since I have done this Liebster thing before ... 

I am merely going to suggest some awesome blogs, and if they want to answer my questions they can.  If you want to answer my questions, that is fun too! 

Recipes Passion (who nominated me)

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  1. Wow... it's good to know about my dear <3 Lovely replies :)))) i enjoyed them reading.. Congrats again from my side :) Hope we will look forward for more Awards in blogging hehe :) Love you Monu Teenaaa :*


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