Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Favorite Valentine's TV on Netflix

I made a pretty comprehensive list of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shows currently streaming on Netflix. For Valentine's Day, I decided to pick my personal favorites. 

I have already made my love for Valentine's TV known — especially Galentine's Day, the amazing lady-centric, friendship celebration created by Leslie Knope. My college roommate and I even hosted our own Galentine's soiree way back when. 

So here are my favorite Valentine's (and Galentine's) TV gems, currently streaming on Netflix: 

30 Rock

Up All Night, Season 1
Favorite Moment: We first meet flower guy!
St. Valentine’s Day, Season 3
Favorite Moment: Salma Hayek ... Oh and John Hamm-some is there too! 
Anna Howard Shaw Day, Season 4
Hey Baby What’s Wrong?, Season 6
Favorite Moment: Ikea Angst

The Office 

Valentine's Day, Season 2
Favorite Moment: The Kelly and Ryan Drama begins!
Blood Drive, Season 5
Favorite Moment: Stanley's attempt to get a cookie ... Even though he didn't donate blood.
PDA, Season 7
Favorite Moment: Jim and Pam get drunk at lunch. 

Parks & Recreation 

Galentine's Day, Season 2
Favorite Moment: The World is introduced to Galentine's Day!
Operation Ann, Season 4
Favorite Moment: Whenever (throughout the series) Leslie compliments Ann
Seriously, check out

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Most Honorable Mention: 

The Simpsons 

I Love Lisa, Season 4
It's not on Netflix but when Ralph loves Lisa, I may cry a little. 
The "I Choo Choo Choose You" card hits me right in the feels. 

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  1. "Hey Baby, What's Wrong?" is one of my all time favorite 30 Rock episodes. Scumbag Christmas!


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