Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Purim & Hamantashen

Leah's Hamantashen

My sweet friend Leah sent over her favorite Purim Hamantashen recipe from Smitten Kitchen

We invite you to try the recipe here! But Leah also provided a few tips on how to perfect these triangle cookies. 

- Be sure to seal corners with an egg wash.
- Tightly pinch corners together. 
- Don't overfill ... otherwise they spill out into your oven. 
- Suggested fillings: apricot jelly, strawberry jelly or Nutella! 

As many of you know, Purim is just around the corner (Sat./Sun., March 15-16). As a non-Jewish New Orleanian, Purim seems kind of like a Jewish Mardi Gras. There are costumes, it falls during Lent (the season piggy-backing Carnival) and is before Passover, like Mardi Gras is to Easter. Purim is also a time for feasting and taking joy in being alive. 

The holiday stems from a foiled plot to kill the Jews. Haman is the villain of the story — hence hamantashen — as the political advisor to a Persian king, probably Xerxes I, he sought to  destroy the Jewish people. His plan was foiled by Mordecai and his adopted daughter Esther, who rose to be Queen of Persia. This story can be found in, you guessed it, the Book of Esther.  

So Haman, Hamantashen ... The pastries are a holiday staple named in victory. The triangle shape symbolizes a three-corner hat worn by Haman.

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  1. the lovely cute triangles :) heading over to your friends space :) for a complete recipe .. thanks dear for letting us know about the history :)


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