Wednesday, April 2, 2014


OK, OK ... I have some news for you. 

I moved! 

This little blog(h) now lives in Pittsburgh. 
See what I did there? 

I am now living in the same city as Robert and working as the development editor for a Pittsburgh online magazine. So, life is good. And busy! Sorry for the lack of recipe this week, but I hope this serving of big news fills you! 

Robert and I enjoying a little rooftop picnic in the Strip District.  Via Instagram.

Now, that I am a Yat among Yinzers, get ready for some Pittsburgh food roots and recipes! If you are a seasoned Burgh resident, I would love tips, recipe advice and to get to know fellow blog(h)ers! 

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  1. waiting for the bunch or recipes from your side my dear love ya bless ya


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