Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pistachio Maamoul

Some of you may remember I made maamoul a couple of years ago. But it definitely had a Louisiana twist. I was far from the rose water in my Lebanese family's traditional recipe. Which is such a romantic ingredient. And, I used Louisiana pecans instead of pistachios. I did still have my Oma to answer all of the questions I had while baking. 

It was a little bittersweet to tackle this recipe again without her. But she would have loved the Lebanese grocery, Stamoolis in the Strip, where I bought my rose water ... and the chocolate shop filled with German goodies nearby, Mon Aimee Chocolat

A cookie so nice, I made it twice 

- 1 cup cream of wheat (I had to use quick Quaker oatmeal instead)
- 2 cups flour
- 1 - 1.5 tbsp sugar
- 1 cup rendered butter (I used regular, heated butter)
- 1/4 cup milk or water
powdered sugar

For the filling combine ...
- 2 cups ground pistachios
- 1 tbsp butter
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 1 tsp rose water, ok 1.5 and .5 tsp arak — my secret ingredient* 
* If you don't have rose water, you can use almond or vanilla extract, or Oma suggested Whiskey when we made them together.

Combine cream of wheat, flour, sugar and rendered butter. 
Add milk slowly, as needed. 
Knead well.  Mold dough into small patties, flatten in palm of hand. 
Fill patty with one tablespoon of filling and cover with another patty. 
Close around edges.
Bake at 350 degrees until bottom is light brown. Probably 9-11 minutes. Broil or use top shelf to brown top quickly, only a minute or two on broil.

Cool and Sprinkle with powdered sugar ... I actually ground the leftover pistachio filling and added confectioners sugar to taste, and  coated the cookies in a pistachio powdered sugar — they smell heavenly! 

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  1. lovely mamoul dear you can check the recipe ta my side too i have used semolina ... i love the use of wheat in your version .. mamoul turned out so great delicious :)


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