Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Antwerp & Waffles

The Second in my Food & Travel series: 
The Belgian Waffle & Antwerp

Belgian Waffles

So, what makes a waffle Belgian?
Does it have to be born on Belgian soil? 

All jokes bad jokes aside ...  makes a distinction between the two types of waffles found in Belgium.
The post states: 

"The [Liege] is dense and doughy – in the most delicious way – with deep, crispy pockets and nubs of caramelized pearl sugar. The [Brussels] is airy and yeasted, with whipped egg whites folded in, yielding a cloud-like texture – almost as light as the powdered sugar showered over top."

Other food blogs report that, at the most basic level, Belgian waffles opt for yeast, not baking powder. Similar to the Brussels recipe described above.

This Brussels waffle is the type Robert and I helped ourselves to in Antwerp at Van Hecke. For under five euro we shared a little slice of Belgian heaven! If you are ever in Antwerp, Van Hecke is a must! 

When I was at the WaffleHuis, I asked our gregarious waiter what the secret was to the Antwerp staple? His answer: the 100+-year-old, original waffle iron from the business's 1905 inception! 

While I can't duplicate the Belgian waffle iron at home. I can try my best with a Bed, Bath & Beyond stand-in ... 

For an authentic Belgian waffle, I suggest this recipe from

With love. 


Our Antwerp Highlights

- Our stay at the Soul Suites on the Marienplatz.
- The beautiful train station.
- Sunset on the river.
- Belgian Beer.
- Belgian Chocolate.
- Frituur.
- Marzipan, hazelnut & pistachio gelato.
- Old Town.
- Cathedral.
- Fashion.
- The modern art museum.  

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