Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cologne & An Old Friend

The final installment in my Food & Travel series: 
German favorites & Cologne

As some of you may know, German food was the basis for this blog.  The Old Country is Germany. And the indigenous Bavarian cuisine — coupled with Lebanese and Louisiana dishes —taught to me by my Oma became a little blog. This was my second visit to Germany and my first visit after losing my Oma. It was a happy reminder of the stories she read me, the chocolate candies she snuck me, the language she spoke in whispers to my mom and the food she cooked for us. 

Cologne was also significant because I stayed with a dear friend.  We had the luxury (after living out of a duffle and cheap baguette lunches) of home cooked, healthy meals in Cologne. 

If you would like to try any German inspired meals at home, I invite you to peruse the German recipes in the "100 Recipes & Counting" box [see lefthand side]. Or click here!  

Scenes from Cologne 
German love.

The Cologne Cathedral.
After 5 years, we had a lot of catching up to do. 
Kolsch beer.
A pretzel at the 500+ year old Haus Zims Brewery.

Yummy food prepared by my friend Janina.

The Original Cologne perfume.
Cologne dome clock tower.

We made it to the top of the cathedral ... 500 ancient stairs later.
Janina & Robert on the Rhine's version of the Love Lock bride.
Old town.

A little note on friendship ... 

I first met Janina when she was an exchange student at my high school in 2005. Janina had excellent timing, moving to New Orleans in August 2005 ... Her arrival could be marked in days before Katrina's. I couldn't imagine being a 15-year-old, far from home and thrown in a disaster. Obviously, it was a tumultuous year for us both and we became fast friends. My family — and Oma — quickly bonded to Janina with a German common ground. We celebrated our 16th birthdays together, a few holidays, dances, Janina's first Mardi Gras, inhaled my SATC dvds and attended lots of losing high school football games. When Janina went back to Germany, we stayed in touch emailing each other massive essays about boys, school and dreamy futures in big US or European cities. Janina stayed with my family in summer 2007 and surprised me with a visit again in summer 2008. In 2009, Janina's family hosted my family in Germany. But then five years passed without a visit. Although we were continents apart, we stayed friends. When we went through breakups, moves, new boyfriends and loss, we still messaged or called each other — though months may have passed since the last conversation. So we were both a little nervous to see each other again when I visited her in Cologne. And we both felt silly for being nervous. Because some friendships, regardless of time and distance and change, never go out of style. 

With Janina summer 2008.


  1. beautiful clicks dear .. thanks for sharing :) must enjoyed a lot with your friends and fellows love :*

  2. The pictures of Robert and Janina look like they should be from some band's photo shoot!


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