Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!

Last fall, my super talented fiance built a bike. Yep, he cut the pipes and brazed them together to build a bespoke frame, with the perfect geometry that makes his ride fit like a glove. With our wedding at the end of the year, he came up with the idea that our send off could be on bikes that he built. I agreed, because Solange. So, he set off to build me the dream bike I have been imagining since second grade, down to my dream color. Although in second grade, I called my favorite color, recently and trendily referred to as mint, seafoam green. When I texted my mom a picture of me on the bike's maiden voyage, she replied "seafoam green." This has been a long time coming, y'all. While I can't give you all of the details about how to DIY a bike (I want to but I don't know how to myself ... maybe Robert can do a guest post in the future?), I wanted to share all of my favorite bike details. 

I'm not sure we'll be able to ride off from our reception — weather and safety permitting. But, I do know that we will treasure the adventures we have on our his and hers bikes, and that the little details seem to be embodiments of us. And, I have to say, these bikes look good together. 

I <3 my heart lugs!

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