Monday, April 13, 2015

The Old Country Blog is now ...

Welcome to Menu du Jour
The blog formerly known as The Old Country Blog

Dear Readers, 

When I started blogging in 2012 as a student at Louisiana State University, it was a way to record the traditional Lebanese, New Orleans and German recipes my grandma taught me — along with global food roots and traditions.

But this little blog grew to document all of life's celebrations and reflected my own changing life as I graduated, moved to Washington DC and then to Pittsburgh and worked as a writer.

There are so many new things happening today, that I wanted to share more aspects of my life on I was talking to my mom about how, like a diary, I wanted to blog about daily moments like wedding planning (I’m engaged!), travel stories, crafts and FOOD — but maybe now I’m not always the one cooking it. She suggested renaming the blog Menu du Jour, or Menu of the Day, because it fits my mission of blogging about food and daily life — like a peak into my journal.  So, thanks for the new name Mom, and, you know, my actual name …

I hope you stay awhile for recipes, travel stories, wedding planning, crafts and cute pictures of my dog Rasco.


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